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The Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) is a Non-partisan, Public Policy & Corporate Advisory, Research Center and Think-Tank. The Council operates internationally, with solid presence in the United States and in Nigeria. The Council taps on expertise and relationships in Nigeria and the United States, to deliver credible policy advisories to governments and corporations worldwide.

The Council's unique ties to the US and to Nigeria, allows it to function as a Clearing-House for Nigerian matters, and allows the Council to produce authentic Policy Advisories that impact decisions in Nigeria, the United States, and globally.


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    Nigerian-America Leadership Council Pushes for a Bold Agenda Beyond the 2015 Ballot
    Posted in: Event, Press Release

    May 27, 2015: Washington, DC On Monday May 18th, 2015, the Nigerian-American Leadership Council hosted a successful gathering of experts at the Rayburn Building of the US Congress; tagged “Nigeria 2015, Beyond the Ballot.” The Event was Co-sponsored by Office of US Congressman Chris Smith, Chairman Africa-Sub-Committee, and the Office of US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee. […]

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    Nigeria 2015: Beyond the Ballot
    Posted in: Event

    On the evening of May 18th, the Nigerian American Leadership Council, Office of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee and Office of Congressman Chris Smith (Chairman, African Sub-Committee); will host a gathering of experts, business leaders, and compatriots; to discuss governance economic opportunities, and the security landscape of the fast rising Republic of Nigeria. Nigerian-American Event Flyer-Beyond The […]

  • buhari apc
    The Executive Council of the Nigerian-American Leadership Council Congratulates Gen. Mohammadu Buhari
    Posted in: Media Appearance

    March 31, 2015: Washington, DC The Executive Council of the Nigerian-American Leadership Council hereby congratulates Gen. Mohammadu Buhari on the occasion of winning Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election, held Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29, 2015. Commendations for President Jonathan This Council also wishes to commend President Goodluck Jonathan for his statesmanlike effort, in campaigning […]

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    Why Nigeria Must Conduct Credible Elections on March 28, 2015 and Beyond
    Posted in: News

    March 19, 2015: Washington, DC, The Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) has closely monitored the processes leading to Nigeria’s historic 2015 elections. Our reporters and investigators on the ground in Nigeria have provided timely reports to this Council, indicating that a close and competitive election is imminent; which we consider good for the country’s political development. […]


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