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The Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) is a Non-partisan, Public Policy & Corporate Advisory, Research Center and Think-Tank. The Council operates internationally, with solid presence in the United States and in Nigeria. The Council taps on expertise and relationships in Nigeria and the United States, to deliver credible policy advisories to governments and corporations worldwide.

The Council's unique ties to the US and to Nigeria, allows it to function as a Clearing-House for Nigerian matters, and allows the Council to produce authentic Policy Advisories that impact decisions in Nigeria, the United States, and globally.


  • ArtExpofeature
    FIRST NIGERIAN ARTS EXPO (March-April 2015)
    Posted in: Event

    The FIRST NIGERIAN ARTS EXPO will feature Contemporary Art Fair – “The other Half” African Drum and Masquerade workshop- an intellectual stimulation Fashion Fair: Parade of Contemporary Nigerian Designs Stage play production of “Ebubedike” an adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things fall apart. Nollywood film Viewers Forum -The Journey So Far Afro-Jazz Night – Friends of […]

  • 1
    Nigerian School Girls Search Continues
    Posted in: Press Release

    Samuel Okey Mbonu, executive director of The Nigerian-American Leadership Council, joins Tamron Hall to discuss the search for the missing Nigerian girls that has been ongoing for nearly five weeks.    

  • Obam
    U.S. vows to help with rescue of hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls
    Posted in: News

    President Obama is sending U.S. advisers and drones to help find hundreds of Nigerian girls kidnapped from their school by the terrorist group Boko Haram.The plan is winning praise from Nigerian-American leaders. “What they need from the United States, at this point, is to require a lot of technical capabilities to zero in on […]

  • bOKO
    Boko-Haram vs. Nigeria, A Condemnation of The Terrorist Attack in Abuja
    Posted in: Press Release

    Boko-Haram vs. Nigeria, A Condemnation of The Terrorist Attack in Abuja:  All Nigerians Must Now Rise to This ChallengeWashington, DC, April 14, 2014:  The Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC) has received yet another report of today’s dastardly act of bomb attacks by Boko Haram, in the Nigerian Capital city of Abuja; resulting in the brutal killing of over 100 persons and counting, with […]

  • UShelp
    US assistance on the way to Nigeria
    Posted in: Media Appearance

    After protests and a massive social media campaign, Nigeria’s president accepts U.S. help to find hundreds of kidnapped girls. But, why did it take so long? Samuel Okey-Mbonu and Ozioma Egwuonwu discuss.After protests and a massive social media campaign, Nigeria’s president accepts U.S. help to find hundreds of kidnapped girls. But, why did it take […]

  • Sam
    Number of kidnapped Nigerian girls rises
    Posted in: Media Appearance

    Authorities in Nigeria now say the number of school girls missing after being abducted by Islamic extremists from their boarding school two weeks ago has risen to 276. Samuel Okey-Mbonu of the Nigerian-American Leadership Council discusses.


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